The Course

Set in 130 acres of countryside the course is 6272 yards long off the yellow tees with a par of 71 (SSS 70). The signature hole is the 138 – yard par 3 eleventh. Set in a wooded dell crowned by a stream, this requires the most demanding tee shot. Throughout the course there are many streams, ponds and strategically placed bunkers that come into play making straight hitting essential to keep a respectable score card.

Mossock Hall Golf Club can boast all year round golf due to the quality of the USGA greens and the superb drainage system.

Download a PDF Scorecard

Click on the image to the right to download a PDF Scorecard and Course Plan. You well need Adobe Reader to open the file. This can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Dress On The Course

Tailored trousers or shorts must be worn with socks. Shirts must have a collar and be tucked in to trousers or shorts. The following clothing and footwear are not permitted: jeans, cords, cargo pants, rugby/football apparel, trainers, flip flops. Hats must be removed in the clubhouse.

Mossock Hall Golf Club – Local Rules

  1. OUT OF BOUNDS – Beyond any hedge, wall, ditch, fence or white posts bounding the course. Internal OOB on left of 1st, 5th and 18th, and the right of 9th and 16th, all defined by white posts. All car parks and clubhouse surrounds are also OOB. The white posts on the right of the 17th are moveable obstructions.
  2. Young staked trees and GUR – No play zones are identified by either a stake, a line or rabbit guard. If such an area interferes with a player’s stance or the area of their intended swing, full relief must be taken without penalty, in accordance with the rules.
  3. PRACTICE AND TEMPORARY GREENS – The ball must be lifted without penalty.
  4. PRIORITY – Players on the 18th tee have priority over the 9th and players are asked not to play to the 9th green until the 10th medal tee is clear.
  5. IMMOVEABLE OBSTRUCTIONS – Ball washers, fixed seating, signs and sprinkler heads are all immoveable obstructions.

Competition Play – All competitors playing in competitions, run by a committee, must familiarise themselves with the respective committee rulings under Rule 1.2b


  1. Members, their guests and visitors must adhere to the dress code displayed around the club.
  2. Keep trolleys well away from the greens, tees and surrounds.
  3. Mobile phones are not permitted to be used, except in emergencies on the course.
  4. Avoid slow play at all times, hit a provisional ball if unsure. Any group that has lost a full hole must let through the following group.
  5. Give way to cars crossing the 3rd , 4th and 5th fairways.

All players are reminded that it is their responsibility to be insured against accident and injury. Players are reminded to take care when descending slopes around the course. Replace divots, place all rubbish in the bins provided, repair pitch marks and leave rakes in bunkers after use. Please leave the course the way you expect to find it.